I am having a problem with authentication of a component in MTS. My IIS/MTS system is behind a firewall. The firewall is also the PDC(Primary Domain Controller). The IIS/MTS box is a stand alone server. I understand that when a user accesses IIS the IUSR_machinename account is used. I assign this account access to the MTS Package Role, but I get an access denied.<BR><BR>I can access web pages and all other functions just fine. I have even tried to communicate with the web server from another machine behind the firewall, still access denied.<BR><BR>When I try the same component on a web server that is the PDC/IIS/MTS all on one box I have no problems.<BR><BR>I have read that the IUSR account needs to be a domain account as opposed to a local account. I tried to use the PDC IUSR account but still no dice.<BR><BR>Any and all help please.<BR><BR>Greg Berman<BR>gbav@san.rr.com