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    I&#039;ve to search records based on keywords typed in by user. MS-SQL database.<BR><BR>My code looks like below. (code was written with the help of reply posted to my question sometime back.) Code worked on Access db. I need it to change it for MS- SQL. I tried changing the % with $, but it is not showing result. I&#039;ve tried to search with a word which is used in many products, however it gives me EOF.<BR><BR><BR>strSearch = trim(request.querystring("keywords"))<BR>ncur = request.querystring("ncurpage")<BR>dim ncurpage, rowcount<BR>ncurpage = trim(ncur)<BR>if ncurpage = "" then ncurpage = 1<BR>set rsp = server.Createobject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR>rsp.curs ortype=adopenstatic<BR>showrec = 12<BR>rsp.pagesize = showrec <BR><BR><BR> MySearchList = split(strSearch, " ") <BR> strSQL = "SELECT * FROM products WHERE " <BR> For I = 0 to Ubound(MySearchList) <BR> strSQL = strSQL & " ProdName LIKE &#039;$" & MySearchList(I) & "$&#039;" <BR> Next <BR> strSQL = strSQL & " ORDER BY ProdName asc"<BR> rsp.open strSQL , conn<BR><BR> if rsp.eof then<BR> response.write "<BR><BR>There are no products found. Please refresh your search.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>"<BR> else<BR> DO WHATVER<BR> end if<BR><BR>================<BR><BR>On repsonse writing the SQL it shows - <BR><BR>SELECT * FROM products WHERE ProdName LIKE &#039;$ladies$&#039; ORDER BY ProdName asc <BR> <BR>Thanks in advance

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    Default RE: Checked previous posts..

    and found answer to my question. I used % in SQL instead of $, it works!<BR><BR>For some odd reason I thought, that works with Acess and no MS-SQL..

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