Hi there,<BR> I am facing a problm which I hope someone out there can solve. I have a window which contains a hyperlink. On clicking of the hyperlink, the same browser(not a new window) has to display another page containing 3 frames and to the document in the third frame in that page some values have to be written to the form elements. What I have done is on clicking of the hypelink(url is purl of page containing the three frames) I am assigning the target of the hyperlink as self and passing a querystring &#060;a href ="orderentry.htm"?Symbol=&#039ACC&#039&Series=&#03 9EQ&#039 target=_self&#062; But I cannot understand how to write to the document in the third frame as the querstring is being passed to the page containing all the three frames.<BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>P&#062;S-- can window.open work ?