Like everyone, we&#039re seeking better site speed and scalability. As our site is very database/ASP-intensive, we want to turn whatever dynamic pages we can into static.<BR><BR>Looking at ASPGen, ASP2DLL, XBuilder and the ASP Caching Filter that comes with the Microsoft IIS Server Resource Kit. Anybody have any real-world experience with these? Pros/cons, etc. would be very helpful.<BR><BR>We also are using sessions and want to move to a GUID/cookie/QueryString/session combination to solve the bulk of our session issues. Again, any suggestions from those that have "made the switch" from using sessions to the above would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Lastly, we are moving our site to a new server. Of particular concern is that, by using sessions, we will have duplicate session #&#039s. Is there a way to set the sessions to begin at a certain #?