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    Aku Guest

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    Cant get update query to work - error on last sql line. code is text variable passed from previous page.<BR><BR>sqlstmt = "UPDATE modules"<BR> sqlstmt = sqlstmt & "code=&#039" & code & "&#039,"<BR> sqlstmt = sqlstmt & "name=&#039" & name & "&#039,"<BR> sqlstmt = sqlstmt & "leader=&#039" & leader & "&#039"<BR> sqlstmt = sqlstmt & " WHERE code=&#039" & code & "&#039"<BR> Set RS = conn.execute(SQLstmt)

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    JBlaeske Guest

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    Looks like your UPDATE statement is missing a SET stmt before setting the field values. You don&#039t describe the error you&#039re getting.

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    Aku Guest

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    Thanks,<BR><BR>it was the missing "SET"!!!<BR>I&#039ll be taking a break now!<BR>Aku

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