Dt: 03-08-1999<BR>From :<BR><BR>Subbu<BR>Mail : Subhu@email.com<BR><BR><BR>Sir,<BR><BR>I want to Know about the details of Procedures involved in Publishing <BR>Ecommerce Application.<BR>During Development stage,I have <BR>Used Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0 as a Webserver <BR>,Windows&#039nt 4.0 as Operating System<BR>and Server side scripting is Done with the <BR>Microsoft ActiveServerPages and I have used Database Server <BR>as Microsoft Sqlserver 6.5 .Now i am having the doubt how can i put this site in<BR>WorldWideWeb whether any Ecommerce Site Hosters are there ? and major<BR>doubt i want to clarify is that how can i get the Internet Surfer&#039s which is stored in<BR>the database after website hosting.I want to know the mechanism involved in<BR>Publishing the Ecommerce Site to the web and download and upload mechanism involved<BR>with respect to Database Server.kindly help me to understand the above concept<BR>and provide me a solution to the above problem<BR><BR><BR>Thanking You<BR><BR>Subbu