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    I am working on writing my own paging routine. I have two buttons, one a previous and one a next. If page = 1 then previous is disabled and next is enabled. <BR><BR>The events for Next and previous buttons either add one to the page count of remove one. The problem is after the button is clicked the page is loaded, then the button event is fired. How can I tell in the Page_Load that the Next button was clicked so I can move my code up there instead of in the button event? The first page I have to click next twice to get it to go onto the next page. <BR><BR>Any ideas?

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    Why do you need the code in the Page_Load, and not the event handler?<BR><BR>It sounds to me like you would want to put the code in a separate function then in the Page_Load if(!Page.IsPostBack) call the function, and also call the function in your event handler.

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