After reading the 4guys feature on using datagrid, i&#039;m trying to build a datagrid that will allow sorting, as well as paging correctly. for example, if i decide to sort by sheetname, i would like to be able to page through the grid while still sorting by sheetname. <BR><BR>what&#039;s happening, however, is that i can sort by sheetname, but as soon as i go through to the next page, i stop sorting by sheetname. what am i missing?<BR><BR> Sub SortData(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As DataGridSortCommandEventArgs)<BR> BindData(e.SortExpression)<BR> End Sub<BR><BR> Sub BindData(ByVal sortExpr As String)<BR> Dim SelectStatement As String<BR> Dim cmdGridFill As OleDbCommand<BR> Dim daGridFill As OleDbDataAdapter = New OleDbDataAdapter()<BR> Dim dsGridFill As DataSet = New DataSet()<BR> Dim cbGridFill As OleDbCommandBuilder = New OleDbCommandBuilder()<BR> SelectStatement = "SELECT * FROM Player_Score ORDER BY " & sortExpr<BR> cmdGridFill = New OleDbCommand(SelectStatement, cnDashboard)<BR> daGridFill.SelectCommand = cmdGridFill<BR> cbGridFill = New OleDbCommandBuilder(daGridFill)<BR> daGridFill.SelectCommand.Connection.Open()<BR> daGridFill.Fill(dsGridFill, "Filler")<BR> DataGrid1.DataSource = dsGridFill.Tables("filler")<BR> DataGrid1.DataBind()<BR> daGridFill.SelectCommand.Connection.Close()<BR> End Sub<BR><BR> Sub BindData2()<BR> Dim SelectStatement2 As String<BR> Dim cmdGridFill2 As OleDbCommand<BR> Dim daGridFill2 As OleDbDataAdapter = New OleDbDataAdapter()<BR> Dim dsGridFill2 As DataSet = New DataSet()<BR> Dim cbGridFill2 As OleDbCommandBuilder = New OleDbCommandBuilder()<BR> SelectStatement2 = "SELECT * FROM Player_Score"<BR> cmdGridFill2 = New OleDbCommand(SelectStatement2, cnDashboard)<BR> daGridFill2.SelectCommand = cmdGridFill2<BR> cbGridFill2 = New OleDbCommandBuilder(daGridFill2)<BR> daGridFill2.SelectCommand.Connection.Open()<BR> daGridFill2.Fill(dsGridFill2, "Filler")<BR> DataGrid1.DataSource = dsGridFill2.Tables("filler")<BR> DataGrid1.DataBind()<BR> daGridFill2.SelectCommand.Connection.Close()<BR> End Sub<BR><BR> Private Sub DataGrid1_PageIndexChanged(ByVal source As Object, ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataGridPageChangedEvent Args) Handles DataGrid1.PageIndexChanged<BR> DataGrid1.CurrentPageIndex = e.NewPageIndex<BR> BindData2()<BR> End Sub