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    Shashank Gokhale Guest

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    Hello, <BR>I am just starting to learn ASP. I want to download PWS since I have WIN 98 only. I went to the website<BR><BR><BR>that is mentioned in the book ATY ASP3.0 in 21 days, but I cant find an option for downloading for PWS for Win98. Please let me know which option I should choose from there so that I can download PWS for Win98.<BR>Do I need to download anything else also?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>

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    Pari Guest

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    hi<BR>if u hav win98 cd then "pws" is already there on the CD as add-ons. u have to install it seperately.<BR>other wise if u r in india, then PWS is distributed thru quite a few comp magzines.(PC quest mar-99 i suppose, or chip internet special dec-99)<BR>

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