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    I&#039;ve got another post going, and I still need an answer for it, but I just realized something else. <BR><BR>I am working on trying to understand a web application left by another programmer. My thought was to FTP the files down from the server and rebuild the project using VS.NET. I have done so, and am running into weird problems. One is documented in the previous ShortenText post. <BR><BR>I just realized that I can&#039;t see any of the .cs files on the server. When I rebuild locally from the downloaded files, VS.NET makes me create each .cs file because each file has a language="c#" Codebehind="... line in it. However, those files don&#039;t show up on the server. Do the .cs files disappear when the project is deployed?<BR><BR>Why am I concerned? Because there is a datagrid that works in production, but not in development. I can&#039;t find any mention of the SQL Server connection in the code that I know the datagrid should hit.<BR><BR>Somebody have mercy and help a newbie out ...

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    Well, if the app is compiled then you don&#039;t have to deploy the .cs files to the web server, so chances are, they were never up there. <BR><BR>I know that I, for one, never clutter up my servers with code files. They stay on the development machines. <BR><BR>I&#039;m guessing that you&#039;re going to have to either find them somewhere else (like a source control system) or ask that other programmer for them.

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