I posted a Select Statement question in the database area, but I do want to know the best way to do this.<BR><BR>I want to create a datagrid of information like a phonebook. I want to change colors of the datagrid lines (I know how to do this)...and I want to sort (I know this too)...I was thinking that if I had my SQL Select statement setup the data a certain way, then I could adjust the datagrid based on the data for that specific row....is this the best way to do this?<BR><BR>For example, if I could get the SQL data to look like the following:<BR>CompanyName &#124 LastName &#124 FirstName<BR>===================================<B R>Acme, Inc &#124 null &#124 null<BR>1 &#124 Doe &#124 John<BR>1 &#124 Smith &#124 Larry<BR>BigCompany, Inc &#124 null &#124 null<BR>1 &#124 Henderson &#124 Harry<BR>1 &#124 Lastname &#124 Mary<BR><BR>Then I could make all the changes to the datagrid based on companyname = 1....should I work to get the data formatted in a SQL Statement, or should I get all the data, and manipulate it in VB Code? or is there a better way to work this?