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    same servers. I just put on several applications on at my company and already running several sites in classic Asp. Is there a significant performance hit in doing this... The classic sites are running soooooo sloooooow..?

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    Nope...No significant proformance hit, as long as the applications (Both classic and .Net) are well-written.

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    Default We had some issues

    Where I work, we have 3 servers running asp apps and 2 running dotnet apps. When we put a dotNet app on one of the asp servers we experienced major problems with the whole server. I dont know what the reason was....could have been poorly coded sites I have no idea. When we pulled the dotNet app off everything was fine again. Some of the problems we had were major memory problems, CreateObject errors. The dotNet app seemed to be fine. It was the asp apps that were sufferning.

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