How to capture all of the Request object

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Thread: How to capture all of the Request object

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    I&#039;m working on a Digital Rights Management project. At one point the media player goes off to a URL to look for a license for thre media it is trying to play.<BR><BR>It sends a whole bunch - Technical phrase ;-) - of encrypted data in the Request object to be used to verify the data when the license engine picks it up.<BR><BR>However, I want to intercept the call to the license engine and insert some code to see if the user is allowed to get the license. So the media is set to go to a web page where the user is verified and then passed to the correct license page.<BR>So what I want to know is. How do I get the whole of a Request object ( not just the queryitems stuff) store it and then pass it to the next page ( which is the license engine)<BR><BR>Any help gratefully recieved.<BR>Richard Byrne

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    Default Capture is easy...change is impossible

    The entire Request object is read-only, so there&#039;s no way to do as you want.<BR><BR>Anyway, "capture" is easy:<BR> Set myRequestReference = Request<BR><BR>But that doesn&#039;t do you any good, that I can see.<BR><BR>Best you could do would be to grab all the stuff from the Request and construct a new Response which you then pass on to the next page via msxml2.ServerXMLHTTP. This seems like a *lot* of work and may easily fail on the tiniest detail.<BR><BR>

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