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    I have a textbox on one page that, when selected, brings up a popup with a calendar control on it. The user can select a date on the calendar control and it should close the popup and populate the textbox with the selected date.<BR>However, I&#039;ve not been able to get the feed back from the popup (ie. the selected date) to populate the textbox.<BR>I guess I need something like the following in the page that has the textbox, but how do I connect the javascript to the Calendar control so that I can get the value of the selected date?<BR>txtProjectedDepartureDate.Attributes.Add( "", "departureCalendar.document.getElementById(&#039;c lndrDeparture&#039;);")<BR>I need to, somehow, append a ".selectedDate.ToString ("mm/dd/yyyy")" to the above.<BR>Does any of that make sense?<BR>How do I do that?

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    Check this article out. It is the simplest implementation of a popup calendar I have found. I implemented it in my pages and it works exellent. Easy to customize too.<BR><BR>

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