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    I have some requirements for Office Automation. I have been googling around and can not get a definitive answer as to what the best approach is. <BR><BR>There are many articles about "Office Automation", but that requires Office to be installed on the server and has too many security implications to deal with. Since our clients host the app/server themselves, we do not think it would be a good idea to require that they install office on the server. <BR><BR>Then there is the wonderful world of ActiveX that is "no longer supported", but can be achieved by doing what these guys are doing:<BR>I haven&#039;t used legacy ActiveX in the past and do not know all that it entails today by exposing interfaces for UserControls that get registered for COM. <BR><BR>So, I look to you guys for experience. I need to interact with Word, Outlook, Excel, and Project. What is the best route to follow while minimizing deployment, installation, and security issues?

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    Have you looked at all at the Visual Studio Tools for Office?<BR><BR><BR>I haven&#039;t used them, so I don&#039;t know what the requirements are, or if they&#039;ll fit your needs, but I didn&#039;t see them mentioned in your post so I thought that I&#039;d point them out in case you haven&#039;t come across them.<BR><BR>I *have* heard a developer (Digory, I believe) mention that the Tools for the current version of VS are a bit lacking, but that the Version 2005 toolset is a huge leap forward for Office automation in general.

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