Aren't session("variable")'s supposed to

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Thread: Aren't session("variable")'s supposed to

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    Default Aren't session("variable")'s supposed to

    Hello,<BR><BR>as the topic says...<BR><BR>Aren&#039;t session("variable")&#039;s supposed to be a server side thing?<BR><BR>I noticed that they don&#039;t work when you dissable cookies or set the security quite high in IE6

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    Sessions are held server-side, but in order for the session ID cookie (which is used by the server to associate clients with sessions) to be transmitted, the client needs to handle "per-session" cookies correctly.<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default This *IS* answered in the FAQs

    Click on "ASPFAQs" in link at center above.<BR><BR>Click on category "Sessions".<BR><BR>Find your FAQ.<BR><BR>

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