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Thread: Hi Bill Session Variables Still shows values after

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    Default Hi Bill Session Variables Still shows values after

    Hi bill when I press log out I update the data base and then session.Abondon to clear all session and redirected user to login page now i chekc it i put the session .aboondon() above my data base update and chek the session values is still have values in all session variables but when i refresh my page all the variables become empty i think i have some kind of cache problems??? how can i resolve it <BR>also when i login to any page and copy its url and pase in other window first it wont show and redirected to login page but if i paste other url of the login user and paste it in the window where i paste it b4 it show the data on that page but when i refresh it it redirected to login page i have a page in which i m checking if session("UserID") ="" then redirected to login page. and include it to every page so it cheks every time if it true then it redireced the user to login page.

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    Default Session.Abandon does NOT happen...

    ...until AFTER the current ASP page is finished.<BR><BR>So if you do Session.Abandon in your page and then later check the session variables in that same page, they *WILL* ALL be there.<BR><BR>I don&#039;t understand what you are saying about "copy its url" and all the rest of that.<BR><BR>

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