Hi everyone. I&#039;m using the ASP Upload free script at http://www.freeaspupload.net/. Everything works great, but I can&#039;t get email to send just once from cdosys. I&#039;m pretty new at this, but I&#039;m guessing it&#039;s because there are multiple "buttons" (every time you hit a button, an email is sent, even if the button is for "browse file"). I&#039;m also guessing that happens because the form, on submit, goes back to itself and posts the filenames just submitted. And since the form goes back to itself, the cdosys runs each time.<BR><BR>So anyways, my question is: if you look at the free scripts at http://www.freeaspupload.net/, can you tell me - is there a way to send email notifications when someone uploads a file from these scripts, but only having it sent once? That&#039;s the only thing I can&#039;t get working right now and I&#039;ve been pretty frustrated.<BR><BR>Your help would be greatly appreciated.