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    in the dim an distant past i seem to remember somthing about being able to use the order by in a manner where it does not start ordering at A or 1<BR><BR>but can be set to set to start at say <BR>C,D...Y,Z,A,B <BR>or 5,6,7....N,1,2,3,4<BR><BR>anyone heard of this?

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    Default Which database???

    Taking your two example:<BR><BR>C,D...Y,Z,A,B <BR>Access: ORDER BY IIF(Left(field,1) &#062;= &#039;C&#039;, 1, 2), field<BR>SQL Server: ORDER BY (CASE WHEN Left(field,1) &#062;= &#039;C&#039; THEN 1 ELSE 2 END), field<BR><BR>5,6,7....999,1,2,3,4<BR>Access: ORDER BY IIF(field &#062;= 5, 1000000+field, field)<BR>SQL Server: ORDER BY (CASE WHEN field &#062;= 5 Then 1000000+field ELSE field END)<BR><BR>For MySQL, same as Access but use "IF" instead of "IIF".<BR><BR>

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