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    Default Changing a childnode value

    The code below is nearly is fine exept for the bit in between &#039;::::::&#039; have a look below for more info:<BR><BR>What I want to do is update this node value to the current date and time sounds easy.....<BR><BR>date_value=userkeepuseraliveobj.c hildNodes(0).text<BR><BR>above is ok its the bit below that causes the problem, I dont even know if it is right!!!<BR><BR>Error message is: 800a01a8&#124Object_required:_&#039;1&#039;<BR><BR >::::::<BR><BR>userkeepuseraliveobjchildNodes[1].text = now()<BR><BR>::::::<BR><BR>and then save the file which I have.<BR><BR>p.s. using MSXML 4.0 and asp for the script.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default Why did you change..

    .. your syntax so much?<BR><BR>You went from:<BR>userkeepuseraliveobj.childNodes(0).text<B R><BR>To:<BR>userkeepuseraliveobjchildNodes[1].text<BR><BR>If the first one worked, stick with it!

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