I have an asp.net application that uses windows authentication. We need to loosely integrate another web application (written in cold fusion – hosted on another server) with my app (Loosely = provide a link to their app and they will link to ours). Both systems use the same user information so once they are authenticated by my app we would like to pass their information to the other app to avoid making users log in two (or more) times. <BR><BR>Obviously these parameters rule out a few things (session, cache, etc) – we do share a database but this seems like overkill to me. As far as I know server.transfer only works between web forms. My last resort is to use the query string with encrypted data – but I’m trying to avoid this for obvious reasons. <BR><BR>Any advice or direction is appreciated! Thanks in advance, <BR>J. Shane Kunkle <BR>jkunkle@vt.edu