I have created a webpage that uploads to a sqlserver two text files -- one with original copy and the other with comments and suggested changes to each paragraph of the original copy. The problem is in displaying the results -- i get two scroll bars that operate independently when the original copy is longer than the row count in the form field. This means, of course, that the comments quickly stop lining up with the paragraph for which they are intended. I have made the form field huge so the scroll bars do not appear. This works, of course, but is an inelegant solution. I&#039;ve tried inserting a table inside a form -- couldn&#039;t do it. And so I&#039;m thinking maybe try to tie the scroll bars together with vb script or something so that one bar controls the scrolling in two form fields.<BR>Any ideas of how to accomplish the goal?<BR>While I&#039;m asking, any way to set up the asp page so that any editing changes made to the original copy form field show up in a different color than the original copy? This is text copy stored in a database.<BR>