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    Some time before my local system was working fine with ASP, SQL Server 2000.<BR> Then the system was formated with Windows 2000. Now i try to access ASP wit<BR>h SQL Server , i am getting error and not able to access at all.<BR>Sometime i am getting error<BR>Error Type:<BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server (0x80040E37)<BR>Invalid object name &#039;Store&#039;.<BR>/shivsagar/storelist.Asp, line 30<BR><BR>My connection string as below<BR>Rscon.Open "Provider=sqloledb;" _ <BR> & "Data Source=RAMSQL2K;" _<BR> & "trusted_connection=yes;" _ <BR> & "Initial Catalog=Shivsagar;" _<BR> & "User Id=Shivsagar;" _<BR> & "Password=shivsagar;"<BR><BR><BR>Could you please advise, since i have to do something urgent .<BR>thanks<BR>rama<BR>

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    Well I don&#039;t know where you got the connection string from <BR><BR>look here<BR><BR>

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