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Thread: browse/upload files - HELP!?

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    Hello<BR>I started to put code into my website for uploading files via the browse button and realized that the "how to" mentioned a database etc etc. Do I really need a database? All I want is the file to be sent to an email address - info@ - with some basic information provided the user... but I did research on attaching files via email and it said that the file needs to be on the server anyway(???) - is it really that complicated?<BR>Thanks<BR>R

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    Default Yep, docs are right... can&#039;t attach a file that is on some poor brower user&#039;s machine in Upper Pasquaddy, Maine, to an email being sent from your server in Sarasota, Florida. How is that file supposed to get into the email package? By magic?<BR><BR>So you&#039;d have to first upload the file to the server and then attach it to the email. Is this worth it???? <BR><BR>

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