Hi all,<BR><BR>In the Page_Load event of my page I am dynamically adding columns and rows to an TABLE control that has already been placed in the aspx page. I have to do this dynamically because I don&#039;t know ahead of time how many columns and rows my table is going to have...<BR>Some of the table cells contain listboxes, some checkboxes, others have images.<BR>The problem is that when I submit the form my table (or at least the contents of it) are lost. I have been reading Scott Mitchell&#039;s articles on persisting this info but I&#039;m a little lost. Apparently if you declare your controls in the Page_Init subroutine you can make your dynamically added controls persist...? I gave this a try but when I tried referencing the control in Page_Load I got an error telling me that the variable was not declared. <BR>Will I be able to access the values of my dynamically added controls within my dynamically built table, or should I abondon this approach.<BR>Thanks in advance for any advice.<BR><BR>Mark