rs.Fields("xml_comp").Value = cStream.Read(cStream.Size)<BR><BR>Having problems with the above. Using a dll to compress XML so I can store in much less space in BLOB column (please don&#039;t bother explaining how SQL Server can handle XML, blah blah blah. I know. For brevity&#039;s sake, just trust me on this one ;-) ) "cStream" is an ADODB stream that contains the output of a compression COM object that has a "compress to stream" method. "xml_comp" is a BLOB column. cStream.Size is 21 but I can&#039;t seem to get it to transfer the contents as below. I have even tried declaring a Variant and setting it equal to the cStream.Read(...) with no luck. The stream seems to be OK because if I UNCOMPRESS to stream into a new stream (adTypeText) I can display the contents of the new stream fine. :-(<BR><BR>TIA<BR>Andrew