Hello all .NET Stalwarts,<BR><BR>I need your help in this teaser ...<BR><BR>I have a requirement wherein, a user clicks on a file name in an ASP.NET web application, and the file should automatically be downloaded (Without showing the "Open", "Save As") in the local machine at a pre defined path (path defined in the registry), and launch the file in its associated application.<BR><BR>I think this can be done through ActiveX Controls, but i dont know how to create ActiveX controls in .NET?? <BR><BR>I have the code to download files from the server using the Web Client, and HTTPResponse things in .NET, but i dont know how will i use that in a web page as that would download the file on the server, and not on the client machine.<BR><BR>Can anyone give me any suggestions as to how one can achieve this??<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for help <BR><BR>-- <BR>Regards<BR><BR>Sunil