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    Mike Schmidt Guest

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    Sr. Web Developer responsible for designing, programming and deploying business-to-business e-commerce sites for various customers. This individual will lead a small development team creating and maintaining websites and their backend integration with production database systems. <BR>Job Description:<BR><BR>The ideal candidate should be a problem solver with excellent oral and written communication skills. Interaction with customers through both written and spoken communication will be expected on a regular basis. This work environment provides a high degree of functional independence once goals and objectives have been established, so the developer must be able to work under tight deadlines with little supervision. Web site samples must be provided as part of the interview process.<BR><BR><BR>The successful candidate will have 2-3 years web development and programming experience using Microsoft tools and demonstrated technical proficiency in the following areas: <BR>Internet: HTML, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, and IIS <BR>Development Tools: Visual InterDev <BR>Databases: MS SQL Server 7.0 <BR>E-commerce, MTS, Site Server 3.0, COM/DCOM, graphics experience a definite plus!<BR><BR>Company: LEE Marketing Services<BR>Location: Dallas, TX<BR>E-mail:<BR>

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    Umesh Arora Guest

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    I would like to apply for the job of Sr. Web Developer.I have about 21/2 years of experience in Software Development.<BR><BR>My Resume is as follows:-<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>CURRICULUM VITAE<BR><BR>UMESH ARORA<BR><BR><BR>Summary<BR><BR>2 ½ years of working experience in Software Development, worked on various applications in client-server environment, exposure to Web Portal Development <BR><BR>Technical Skills<BR><BR>Database Oracle, SQL Server 7.0<BR><BR>GUI Tools Visual InterDev 6.0<BR><BR>Languages Active Server Pages 2.0,VB 6.0 , HTML, JavaScript, VB Script<BR><BR>Others COM/DCOM, MTS, IIS <BR><BR><BR>Education<BR><BR>Professional Qualifications :<BR>B.E (Electrical & Electronics) from Bangalore University in 1997.<BR>PGDCA in Computers from TULEC, GK-II , New Delhi.<BR><BR>Working Experience :<BR><BR>February 2000 – tilldate<BR>e – India Pvt. Ltd. <BR>4th Floor , Indra Prakash Building <BR>C.P. New Delhi <BR><BR>Projects Undertaken :<BR><BR>Project Title : Web Portal Development<BR>Role Programmer<BR>Period since Feb. 2000<BR>Team Size 8<BR>S/W Used ASP , VB Script , Java Script , SQL Server 7.0 , IIS 4.0 , COM <BR>Environment Window NT Server 4.0<BR>Project Summary RRFCL is one of the major participants in the financial market offering investment opportunities to institutional investors, private client groups and individual investors. It has also established itself as a service provider for marketing and distribution of various financial products. <BR>RRFCL has embarked upon a major initiative to launch a Financial Services Portal called The objective of this portal is to provide one stop financial advisory and solution center for retail investors.<BR>The services being provided on the portal are : Live Stock Prices, Stock Exchange Indices, Financial and General News, Portfolio Tracker, Financial Chat, Market Analysis and Trends, Investor Query, Details of Govt. Savings Schemes, IPOs and MFs.<BR>Responsibility !) Developed a package for Portal Updations - This package does all the updations to be done on the portal like IPO Updations , Investment Monitor,Invest Watch,Street Talk,Watch For,Banks Details etc. and uploading of any html or image files.It provides a user interface for additions,updations & deletions of records.<BR> 2) Developed a module IQS – Investor Query System through which any investor can get Online reply to his queries about investments and the market position of shares by logging into his mailbox and the Administrator can answer to all his queries.<BR> <BR><BR>October 1997 – January 2000<BR>Path Consultants Pvt. Ltd.<BR>336, Sant Nagar, New Delhi<BR>Member Technical Group<BR><BR>Projects Undertaken :<BR><BR>Project Title Web Enabling the LOAN PROCESSING SYSTEM <BR>Client the ASSOCIATES<BR>Role Programmer<BR>Period 6 Months<BR>Team Size 7<BR>S/W Used Oracle 8 , Internet Information Server 4.0, <BR> COM, Active Server Pages 2.0 , VB 6.0 , VB Script , HTML<BR>Environment Windows NT Server 4.0 & WindowsNT Workstation <BR>Project Summary The project involved conversion of client-server based application to <BR>web-enabled application. The application uses a 3-tier architecture : Active Server Pages (ASP 2.0) as the Presentation Layer, VB Components as the Middle Layer/Business Layer and SQL Server 7.0 as the Database Layer. The client sends a request on the IIS Server for a particular page, specific components get executed on Business Server which in turn interact with the database to retrieve or save the data. The control is transferred back to IIS and required data is populated on the screen.<BR>This application web-enables the Loan Processing System for The Associates. The Associates provides various Financing Schemes to its customers for Two-Wheelers Loans, Auto Loans, Professional Credit and Big Amount Loans. For a loan, the customer can approach to The Associates directly or contact any of its dealers. It has its branches at different places all over India and 8 different branches across world. The Associates India is the first to implement such an application with the Banglore branch successfully using it to disburse their loans. The Central Database resides at New Delhi.<BR>The Loan Processing System consists of the following steps beginning with applying for a loan to disbursal of the loan :<BR> Application Form - Loan & Personal Details from customer<BR> Checking for authenticity of the customer <BR> Soft Approval for Loan<BR> Contact Point Verification & Telephone Verification (CPV & TVR)<BR> Final Decision for Loan<BR> Pre-Disbursal Documents Collection<BR> Initial Money Deposition<BR> Loan Authorization<BR><BR><BR>Project Title COSTING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM<BR>Client Jindal Strips Ltd., Hisar, Haryana<BR>Role Team Member<BR>Period Jan&#039 99 – July&#039 99<BR>Team size 2<BR>S/W Used VB 6.0, SQL Server 7.0<BR>Environment Windows NT 4.0<BR>Introduction Costing Management System is a large module of JIMS (Jindal Information Management System).Basically Jindal Strips produces steel products like Coil, Plate & Flats. So costing at each and every stage is necessary to calculate the final production cost and to identify those areas which can contribute towards reducing the production cost.<BR>Details Project developed involves maintenance of all the locations and sub locations (Production Shops) of Jindal Strips. Maintenance of Finished Products and Utilities involved in production of Heats. Further the heats convert into coils, plates and flats through several middle level processes so costing at each and every level is maintained. Final cost is the sum of all the Variable Cost + Fixed Cost at each and every stage. In Fixed Cost we cover manpower cost, interest & bank charges, loans etc. In Variable Cost we cover store consumption, refractory cost, gases and oil consumption, raw material consumed etc. Based on the data captured several query forms are provided like : daily basis heat wise cost sheet, monthly basis cost sheet based on grade & product type (Like SS (Stainless steel),BS (Blade Steel), MS (Mild Steel)) for each location. <BR><BR><BR>Project Title PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM<BR>Client Jindal Strips Ltd., Hisar, Haryana<BR>Role Team Member<BR>Period Apr&#039 98 – Dec&#039 98<BR>Team size 3<BR>S/W Used VB 6.0, SQL Server 7.0<BR>Environment Windows NT 4.0<BR>Description Jindal Strips Limited is a major producer of stainless steel in the country. The company is located at Hisar (Haryana). The main products of JSL are Coils, Plates and Flats. The System contains six sub modules of each station which take part in the production process. <BR>Synopsis The production starts at SMS(Steel Melting Shop) where raw material is molted & casted in different forms. Thereafter it is sent for Grinding, Rolling and Finishing sections.<BR>At each Station the System starts with the Production Planning based on the Order which comes from Marketing. The Production done, material consumed, delays etc. are all captured on the daily basis. Various types of Query forms like Raw material consumption, Stock Status, Daily Production, Monthly Performance etc. for each substation is given which helps in taking decisions for further planning and Maximum Productivity.<BR><BR>Project Title MATERIALS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM<BR>Client HERO CYCLES LTD. (Ludhiana)<BR>Role Team Member<BR>Period Oct&#039 97 to Mar&#039 98<BR>Team size 3<BR>S/W Used Developer 2000 (Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5) ,Oracle 7.3 <BR>Environment Windows NT 4.0<BR>Description Materials Management System is being used by the Stores & Purchase Department to maintain Stock. The system starts as when the user has requirement of material, the Stores Dept. checks the material whether it is available in stores or not. If not then an Indent is raised to the Purchase Dept. which in turn generates an inquiry to various parties thereafter considering quotations from various vendors a Purchase Order is generated.<BR>The main objective of this module is to minimize material cost, to reduce investments blocked in inventories, to conduct studies in areas such as quality, consumption and cost of material so as to minimize cost of production.<BR>Responsibility Study, Designing & Development of Master, Transaction, Security Data Entry Screens and Reports<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Personal Details :<BR><BR>Date of Birth 28 June 1973<BR>Sex Male<BR>Marital Status Single<BR>Languages Known Hindi, English, Punjabi<BR>Passport No A5278194<BR><BR>Address For Correspondence :<BR><BR>C-57/588 , Ganesh Nagar-II ,<BR>Shakarpur <BR>Delhi - 110092<BR>Contact No 91-011-2248469<BR>E-Mail ID,<BR><BR><BR><BR>(Umesh Arora)<BR>

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