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    I'm attempting to run server-side script following the click of a hyperlink in the browser. The server script retrieves information from a database and sends it back to the client. I'm getting the dreaded "Unspecified Error" from InterDev in the .html file where I attempt to use RSEnableRemoteScripting and RSExecute. I'm wondering if this might have something to do with XP not having the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine, since the MS remote scripting requires the use of a .class file. I'm stumped and am hoping someone can enlighten me. God?

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    Default So stop using InterDev...

    ...temporarily...and see if you can find the real source of the error.<BR><BR>But, yes, if you ain&#039;t got Java on the *CLIENT* machine, you can&#039;t use Remote Scripting. And even many people with Java on their machine will turn OFF Java because of the security hole it represents.<BR><BR>Want an alternative that doesn&#039;t need Java and is, in many ways, more powerful?<BR><BR>Use a 100% HIDDEN frame. And then just post a &#060;FORM&#062; from the hidden frame back to the server and have the ASP code on the server return JS code that updates stuff in the visible frame.<BR><BR>No longer restricted to returning just one set of info. You could return virtually anything, in the form of JS arrays or even of full blown HTML that you copy into some visible DIV&#039;s .innerHTML or or or or...<BR><BR>Possibilities are nearly endless. A vastly underexploited reservoir of capabilities.<BR><BR>

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