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Thread: Vb Array element deletion. ????

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    Default Vb Array element deletion. ????

    its there any easier way to delete a element completely from array in VbScript. i mean suppose i have 5 elements in array and i want to delete/remove the 3rd element from array so that only 4 elements are left.<BR><BR>Please help.<BR>

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    Default Nope...arrays are *NOT* collections

    You could just put a NULL value into the 3rd element and then, when you use the array, skip all NULL elements.<BR><BR>Or you could use a loop to move all the higher numbered elements "down" and then resize the array:<BR> Sub DeleteElementByIndex( ByRef arr, ByValue index )<BR> Dim i<BR> For i = index To UBound(arr)-1<BR> arr(i) = arr(i+1)<BR> Next<BR> ReDim Preserve arr( UBound(arr)-1 )<BR> End Sub<BR> <BR>Needless to say, the above is a "costly" thing to do in terms of performance. Consider the skip-NULL-elements trick first, if possible.<BR><BR>

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