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    Default Cannot Load New Page to Frame

    I am trying to have a two frame page where the top frame (srcFrame) contains a menu system and the bottom frame (docFrame) contains report data. When the user selects a Menu Item the following is run - srcview.aspx?file=AlDetRep - where srcView is the page with the two frames.<BR><BR>In the HTML for srcView I have a page_load function:<BR>void Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e) {<BR><BR>int numRows = 4;<BR><BR>if (Request.QueryString["rows"] != null) {<BR> numRows = Int32.Parse(Request.QueryString["rows"]);<BR>}<BR><BR>int tabHeight = (numRows * 20) + 92;<BR><BR>Frameset.Attributes["rows"] = "" + tabHeight + ",*";<BR><BR>srcFrame.Attributes["src"] = "tabview.aspx?path=" +<BR> "&file=" + Request.QueryString["file"];<BR><BR>String newPath = Request.QueryString["file"];<BR>newPath = "http://localhost/PfizerApp1/" + newPath + ".aspx";<BR>docFrame.Attributes["src"] = newPath; <BR><BR>----<BR><BR>The first time I run the report both srcFrame and docFrame have the correct contents. However when I try and select a new report from the Menu the docFrame is not reloaded with the new details.<BR><BR>If I go to the Browser Address and change the file parameter to a different report and press return, the new report loads. <BR><BR>

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    Default Why do you reload the top frame???

    And why do this via server-side code when it could easily be done via JS code in the browser that would mean loading from only *one* .aspx file instead of from three?<BR><BR>Having said all that...I don&#039;t see it.<BR><BR>I guess I&#039;d want to see you DEBUG. If nothing else, dump the full QueryString out to a field/div/span in the top frame, for example.<BR><BR>What does the code for the menu choice(s) look like? How does it post the info to the outer &#060;FRAMESET&#062;?<BR><BR><BR>

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