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    in my real estate guide, i need to put in numbers with decimals, such as 1.5 baths, 2.5 baths and so. the web pages created by the admin section show only 1 or 2 or whatever number. (it doesn&#039t actually leave out a digit or a decimal, but seems to round the number up or down.) is there a way to change the numbers that i am allowed to enter into the field?

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    trying using the CDec function<BR><BR>it converts the type of a variable to decimal<BR><BR>or converts the type to double...<BR><BR>if anyone can think of a better way to do this, please, enlighten me as well as Rich.

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    are you having problems when you load the numbers to the table or when you fill out the input text in the web page? make sure that the field type in your table is double or if it is access long integer....

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