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    I download ASPExec 3.0 from It <BR>is supposed to allows you to execute DOS and Windows apps.<BR>I move the DLL in the subdirectory winntsystem32 and I type regsvr32<BR>aspexec.dll<BR><BR>I went into control panel/services/world wide web publishing service and turn "Allow Service to Interact with Desktop" on.<BR>I execute the program :<BR>The results :<BR><BR>Attempting to execute notepad.exe<BR>The result of this call was : Ok<BR><BR>But it doesn&#039;t work! I see Notepad in the taskmanager but it won&#039;t appear on my desktop<BR><BR>Did i do something incorrectly?<BR><BR>code: <BR><BR>&#060;%<BR> Set Executor = Server.CreateObject("ASPExec.Execute")<BR> Executor.Application = "notepad.exe"<BR> Executor.Parameters = "c:autoexec.bat"<BR> Executor.ShowWindow = True<BR> Response.Write "Attempting to execute " & Executor.Application & "<BR>"<BR> strResult = Executor.ExecuteWinApp<BR> Response.Write "The result of this call was: " & strResult<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>I wait for your advices,<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>

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    Well, it started Notepad. Sounds like it works fine to me. What&#039;s the problem?

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