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    I have the below code to replace my carraige return with a line break. Only problem is, it doesn&#039;t break unless it&#039;s a double return.<BR><BR>strtext=Replace(Request.form("resum e"), vbcrlf&vbcrlf, "&#060;p&#062;") <BR>strtext=Replace(strtext, "&#039;", "&#039;&#039;")<BR>strtext=Replace(strtext, vbcrlf, "<BR>")<BR><BR>I also know there is a better way to do the multip replacements.

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    Default Looks okay to me...

    Have you looked at the generated HTML to see if the &lt;BR&#062;&#039;s are being put in place???<BR><BR>Remember, a &lt;BR&#062; does *NOT* space the lines out. It just starts a new line. So looks could be deceiving. Only by doing a VIEW --&#062;&#062; SOURCE of the HTML will you know.<BR><BR>

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