I have a database were I have a large textfield. I would like to have a few variable in the middle of the text that i can customize in my asp page depending on the person who is logged on.<BR><BR>At the moment I&#039;ve been using a replace function <BR>replace(rs("dbtextfield"), "ppvariable", variable), however because I want to replace a few variables I need to use a few replace nested into eachother like:<BR><BR>replace(replace(replace(rs("dbtextfie ld"), "ppvariable", variable), "ppvariable2", variable2), "ppvariable3", variable3)<BR><BR>It works this way, My original text coming from the database can be longer than 8000 characters, so I&#039;m not sure if this is the best way to do it.<BR><BR>Thanks for any comments,<BR>JB