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    I&#039;m wondering if anyone can tell me how to put the results from a query on a database into the body of an e-mail? I&#039;d like to be able to e-mail the details of an order placed that is stored in the database. ie in email body.<BR><BR>Order Number<BR>Shipped to<BR> Item 1 Quantity Price (from row 1 in db)<BR> Item 2 Quantity Price (from row 2 in db)<BR> Item 3 ....<BR><BR>Order Total<BR><BR>I am just wondering how to get the database values for multiple entires for items ordered, if anyone could help or point me in the right direction, it would be great !!!!!!!<BR><BR>Gillies

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    What about an adaption of:<BR><BR>Body &= "Order Number" & vbcr<BR><BR>While myDataReader.Read()<BR> Body &= myDataReader("Row 1")<BR> Body &= myDataReader("Row 2")<BR>End While<BR><BR>I&#039;ve not tried it myself yet but its on the TODO list, if you can&#039;t get it working let me know and I&#039;ll try and knock something up for you.<BR><BR>Tim

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