I have this site I&#039;m making where it&#039;s all in one page and the content page is just a bunch of panels which get turned on and off according to certain events. Well, there&#039;s this one table that gets made progmatically from the database. And I add a button and a text field to each entry, but when you click on the event the button, it just reloads the page with nothing in the table. I&#039;ve tried everything, please help me. Here&#039;s some code.<BR><BR>I put this handler code everywhere thinking it was the placement.<BR>But it doesn&#039;t work anywhere, the button doesn&#039;t even go into the handler, I traced it.<BR><BR>handler = new EventHandler(this.ItemButton_OnClick);<BR><BR><BR> Button button = new Button();<BR>button.BorderStyle = BorderStyle.None;<BR>button.BackColor = Color.White;<BR>button.ID = "itemButton" + j.ToString();<BR>button.Text = "Add To Cart";<BR>button.CausesValidation = true;<BR>button.Click += handler;<BR> <BR>TextBox quantity = new TextBox();<BR>quantity.ID = "itemQuantity" + j.ToString();<BR>quantity.MaxLength = 2;<BR>quantity.Width = 28;<BR>leftCell.Controls.Add(quantity);<BR>leftCel l.Controls.Add(button);<BR>leftCell.Controls.Add(n ew LiteralControl("<BR>"));<BR><BR> <BR>row.Cells.Add(leftCell);<BR><BR><BR>