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    I have two textboxes which gets date from calender control start date and end date..I want to make an javascript alter if end date is less then start date.<BR><BR>Iam using page. Can any body in the forum give me complete javascript function and code

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    Unfortunately, i dont think anyone is going to provide you with complete code without a price. Most people on this forum are employed by programming/web development companies that restrict this kind of activity. On top of that, most of the people on this forum have their own projects going on, and do not have time to write complete code for your use. Now, if you made a fair attempt at trying to get this to work, and when you have an error, problem, or concern, then everyone would be glad to help you along with it. Please remember that this forum is for people to *HELP* you with your scripting, not write it for you for free.

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