I am trying to create a textbox on the fly and place it next to some text. Basically creating a table with comments and a text box for entry of some information. However the number of boxes depends on the information in a table. So I need to create the correct number of boxes and then place them in some organized matter. <BR><BR>here is the code I have so far, creates the boxes but just lines them up.<BR><BR> Dim rs As New conn()<BR> Dim n As Integer = 1<BR> rs.RS()<BR> rs.conn1.Open()<BR> rs.sql = "Select * FROM tblBlankQI"<BR><BR> rs.myCommand = New SqlClient.SqlCommand(rs.sql, rs.conn1)<BR> rs.myReader = rs.myCommand.ExecuteReader<BR><BR> Do While rs.myReader.Read<BR> Dim txt As New TextBox()<BR> txt.ID = "txt" & n<BR> Me.Controls(1).Controls.Add(txt)<BR> n += 1<BR> Loop