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Thread: adding and removing values from the array

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    Default adding and removing values from the array

    hi!<BR><BR>I have a database field called no of ppl required which admin of the application can enter or update at anytime. say if the no of ppl reqd is 7 no of ppl filled will be 0 at the first time. when the volunteer express interest the filled position need to be 1 and person required should be 6 and so on till the position is filled once the position is filled if there are move ppl interested on it then it should to to backups which is unlimited. if position is filled say 7 out of 7 and admin changes the required ppl from 7 to 4 in the position filled out of 7 4 should be in main and rest 3 in backups depending upon the date they expressed interested for the position. I dont know how to start this with any one who have done same kind of thing and willing to show a example url with some codes will be great or just a pseudo code will be great coz i just dont know how to figure this out. and i also need to give messages to those 3 ppl who were shifted from the position to backups. dont know how to start this thing with.please help me.thanks in forward.<BR><BR>robin

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    Default what does that say?

    holy run on sentence! if you want to make it easier for people to provide you with free help, you may want to type your message a lot clearer and conicise instead of one long impoosible to read run on sentence....<BR><BR>so while i dont understand the post body, i do understand the subject, and i suggest you look into the "ArrayList" which has ".Remove" and ".RemoveAt" methods to do what i *think* you are looking for

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