I&#039;m utilizing an ASP.NET Repeater on a created Dataset, and I am finding that when I reference my data using the following: <BR><BR>&#060;%# RosterDS.FieldValue("Name", Container) %&#062; <BR><BR>It repeats properly... but I need to modify some of the results of the dataset values, so I put in my own VB code in render tags, and reference the dataset like so: <BR>&#060;%<BR>RosterDS.FieldValue("Name", Nothing) <BR>%&#062;<BR>And what&#039;s happening, is that the first fields are being repeated properly, but any field that I reference using the 2nd method does not get repeated, it just hands the 1st record over and over again. Anyone know a way around this? Would a datatable be better for the job?<BR><BR>