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    I&#039;m not sure if this has anything to do with ASP or not - general question to a developer. <BR><BR>I&#039;ve been reading alot about disabling the right-click to prevent people copying my exclusive images. I&#039;ve learnt that disabling the right-click is un professional and is set in the 90&#039;s. I have seen a website out there (not sure of URL) that allows u to right-click but when u click &#039;save image as&#039; the image that&#039;s downloaded is a 1px gif, not allowing you to have the displayed image. Does anyone know of how to apply this, where to read about it??<BR><BR>Many thanks in advance

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    Default Impossible and pointless...

    Even if the user can&#039;t do it any other way, he/she can always simply use "Print Screen" to capture the entire window to the clipboard and then transfer that into picture-editing program that will then allow the save of the image.<BR><BR>You can make it incovenient, yes, but you can&#039;t stop it.<BR><BR>Haven&#039;t see the 1 pixel gif trick, but I can&#039;t imagine it would be hard to get around.<BR><BR>And have you never heard of "browser spoofers" that simply grab all your HTTP content and ignore any and all "instructions" you might give to a browser? You can even easily write one in ASP, using the MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP component from Microsoft.<BR><BR>

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    I agree, if a visitor wants the image, they can get it. Any attempts to thwart the users will only annoy them and keep them away. <BR><BR>If you are interested in protecting your images, you might look into watermarks or digital watermarks.<BR><BR>- Olórin

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