need to place on error resume next

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Thread: need to place on error resume next

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    Default need to place on error resume next

    hi all,<BR><BR>well my work is happening the way i want..but instead of showing up the is showing operation time out..<BR><BR>so i thought if i place on error resume next..will sort this problem..<BR><BR>any thoughts:<BR><BR> On Error Resume Next<BR> Set objXml = Server.CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP") <BR> &#039; resolve, connect, send, receive - in milliseconds <BR> objXml.setTimeouts 1800000, 1800000, 1800000, 1800000 <BR> "GET", url <BR> On Error GoTo 0<BR> objXml.send<BR><BR>am i making a mistake in place the errror next statements..<BR><BR>thanks all<BR>

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    Default Dont see how that would help

    but is the URL you are trying to connect to a valid URL?<BR><BR>

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