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    How do I add an upload picture function to my ASP site? (Similar to Yahoo/Geocities "easy upload" using a form submit with input type="file") <BR>

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    Default By using an upload component

    If you are using an ISP, then ask your ISP what upload component(s) they include as part of their service. (And if they don&#039;t include at least one, go find another ISP.)<BR><BR>If you are self-hosted, then go find a good component and add it to the server. There are many available. Look in http://www.AspIN.com for some. I have *heard* that of the free ones a product called "Dundas Upload" is the best. But my web host gives me a choice of two very good uploaders, so I don&#039;t have to worry about it.<BR><BR>NOTE: There *ARE* some "VBScript Only" uploaders out there, but we probably get as many questions about problems with them as with anything else around. So I would avoid them, if I at all could.<BR><BR>

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