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    Default Check if file begins with number

    I have an upload script, where strFileName is the name of the file. My question is how would I check to see if this filename began with a number, and if it did, to delete that number, no matter how big it is, but it probably won&#039;t be any larger than like 5 numbers or so. <BR><BR>For example if the file is called: 341wm.asp<BR><BR>to rename the file to "wm.asp"<BR><BR>or 1asp.asp, to "asp.asp"<BR><BR>I hope that I made this clear, thank you for your help.

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    Default Well you have to first upload the file

    then you can parse the file name and if it is a number, just delete it<BR><BR>What is it that you are having an issue with?<BR><BR>

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