Hi<BR>I want to display 2 tables data within a single datagrid.<BR>In table1 i&#039;ve 4 fields <BR>FirstName<BR>LastName<BR>Emailid primary key<BR>Usertype<BR><BR>In table2 i&#039;ve 2 fields<BR><BR>Emailid foreignkey<BR>CompanyName<BR><BR>in datagrid i&#039;ve to display all fields except usertype but i&#039;ve to retrieve data based on the usertype only not based on primary key field( emailid).<BR><BR>i know how to display data in grid based on primarykey field but in my application i&#039;ve to display the data of 2 tables in datagrid based on usertype field which is presented in table1 not in table2.<BR><BR>can anyone tell me how to do this one.<BR>its urgent for me<BR>thanx in advance<BR>yoshitha<BR><BR><BR><BR>