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    I&#039;m building a web app for an enterprise system. Its a small(ish) app, but needs to be made 3-tiered.. data, business and presentation. I&#039;m kinda new to asp.net but have lots of asp experience. <BR><BR>I&#039;ve created one project for each of the above 3 areas within my overall solution. I need to understand how best to organise the projects.<BR><BR>Within the DataAccess Project, how should I divide up the functionality? I&#039;m trying to make use of Typed Datasets too. I&#039;m using SQL stored procedures. Should I have a folder for all base classes and another for the .xsd&#039;s? What kind of base methods should I have.. createDatabaseConnection is one that comes to mind.<BR><BR>Is there a resource on the web that demonstrates a simple 3-tier asp.net application?<BR><BR>Thanks

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