New to VS.Net and need a point in the right direction or a couple buzz words I can search for <BR><BR>I have a folder that is automatically populated with CSV files throughout the day from an external application, Each CSV has a unique number corresponding to a CustomerID. (e.g. 12345.csv,54321.csv) I have created a OleDBDataAdapter using the Microsoft Text Driver pointed at the folder as the DataSource and I can create a dataset in VS pointing to one CSV file as a table in order to populate a datgrid. This all works fine but the next step I am having trouble with:<BR><BR>When the Customer logs in I retrieve his CustomerID and I would now like to use this CustomerID as the table name for the DataSet so they can view the data that pertains to them.<BR><BR>All CSV files have the same fields with a header row.<BR><BR>Any Help or alternative ideas will be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR>Todd J.