We are trying to set up content replication from an intranet server (domain1) to an internet server (domain2). <BR>To minimise firewall procedures between the two we want to use Http transfer of data. The only problem is that whenever we schedule the project it returns the error "...cannot resolve URL...". We can browse to the intranet site using IE but can&#039t seem to get the Site Server on the Internet to pull the info from the Site Server on the Intranet.<BR>All the documentation suggests that this procedure should be straightforward, but I can&#039t see where we are going wrong. We have even tried to replicate using HTTP when the servers are on the same domain but to no avail - we still get the " ...cannot resolve URL..." error. Does the intranet server need to be registered in some way so that the Internet server can see it??? We have tried entries in the LM Hosts and Host files but no joy.<BR><BR>Any ideas greatly appreciated. (very urgent - web site to go live in a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)<BR><BR>M.<BR>