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    How to upload a file from one system to another system using asp and also how to download a file ?

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    Default To upload something to a web...

    ...server, you&#039;re best advised to install a component such as ASPUpload. There is a tutorial do this sort of thing in pure ASP, but that&#039;s not advised, because you&#039;ll soon run into problems for very large files.<BR><BR>Downloading is not a problem. Just put the relevant file into a folder that&#039;s inside your web root and that&#039;s it. For example, you&#039;re website&#039;s root is D:wwwroot, you can put a file there -let&#039;s call it "Download.EXE". Then you can download this from IE by doing: http://www.mywebsite.com/Download.EXE<BR><BR>Oliver.

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